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 Zoey's Fund
ZoeyZoey's Fund is a partnership created between the Pennsylvania Veterinary Foundation and dedicated pet owner and animal lover, Margie Mattis, to bring Zoey's Fund to York County, Pennsylvania. Learn more about Zoey's Fund below. If you are a veterinary practice in York County who would like to learn more or become a participating practice, please contact Megan Baylor or click here.

Zoey's Fund is fueled solely through donations, so please consider helping a York County pet in need today.

How Does It Work?

What animals are eligible for services?
Zoey's Fund is a part of PVF's The Last Chance Fund (TLC) and is administered by PVF. The fund is designed to allow York County residents who are facing financial struggles to pay for the care their pets need.

What medical expenses are covered?
General and emergency medical care, medications and medical conditions, and care beyond the basic preventive care that pets should receive through responsible pet ownership. Assistance is provided at the recommendation of the pet's veterinarian and Case Oversight Committee on an availability basis.

Is there a limit to costs covered for each animals?
To assist clients and veterinary practices with a percentage of care/treatment not to exceed 50% of the cost or $500, whichever is greater. Funds are gathered through donations and are dispersed on an availability basis.

What is the turnaround time for reimbursement?
Whenever possible, turnaround time will be within 1-2 days of the request. The request will be acknowledged within 24 hours provided it is received on a weekday.

For more information, click here.

Who has Zoey's Fund helped?


Bullet likes to eat! Bullet like to eat bologna ... even when it's still wrapped. One day he ate a bologna wrapper which still had the heavy twine attached, requiring foreign body removal surgery.

Thanks to Zoey's Fund, Bullet was able to receive the surgery he needed and has fully recovered today.


IzzyIzzyIzzy is a 6-year-old cat whose herpes virus became so advanced that his nose would swell and cake shut with mucus. His teeth were rotting and his eyes hurt him almost too much to clean.

Now, His breath is improved, his ears do not bother him at all, and his eyes do not drain like they did. He has a 'smile' again. He can breathe and eat much better now, and he has become a kitten all over again.