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Where can I get $160,000?

This is the question that faces the average student graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine, today. Similarly, their counterparts at other colleges of veterinary medicine have an average debt load of approximately $100,000. Education-related debt can be disheartening as a student graduates and searches for his or her first position as a veterinarian.

PVF helps to lighten that heavy load through its Pennsylvania Veterinary Scholarship program. While your contribution is indeed an investment in the future of our profession, it is also your way of supporting someone else with the same passion that you have for helping animals and poeple.

Donations of any size can make a difference. Make a donation today.

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PVF Scholarships

We also offer the PVF Scholarship and the PVMA/PVF Young Leader Scholarships to try and ease the financial burden faced by veterinary students today. Click on the links below to read the requirements and apply online today.

PVF Scholarship

PVMA/PVF Young Veterinary Leader Scholarship

Veterinary Technology Scholarship