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Become a TLC Participating Practice

What Are the Qualifying Criteria For Veterinary Practices to Participate?

A veterinary practice wishing to participate in the TLC program and, therefore, be eligible for reimbursement of services provided to unowned companion animals in need of significant medical care, must:
  • Actively promote the program to its clientele through distribution of brochures and information on how to donate
  • Must have at least one veterinarian on staff who is a member of the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association
  • Must complete a participation application which outlines contact information, veterinarians on staff, and marketing plans for distribution of materials and promotion of the Fund.
Once approved as a participating practice, we will send you a welcome kit which will include a supply of brochures and promotional materials as well as a decal for your window or door which indicates you are a participating TLC Fund practice.

What Medical Expenses Are Covered?

True medical and surgical costs related to emergency or significant medical care for eligible companion animals are covered. A percentage of staff time may be included. Long-term boarding expenses are not eligible.

Is There a Limit on the Costs Covered For Each Animal?

Yes. Funds are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. To be considered, you should submit a request for the animal’s care before treatment is provided if possible. After-treatment requests for coverage will also be reviewed and funds may be provided to the extent they are available. Completed reimbursement requests for funds will be reviewed by the Case Approval and Oversight Committee. If approved and funding is available, funds for the care of the animal identified in the application will be earmarked for that animal’s care. In both pre-treatment and after-treatment cases, the Committee will allocate monies based on funding availability and will notify you with the amount set aside for the animal’s care. Costs associated with the care may not be covered in full. Because our abilities are limited by the donations we receive, there is no guarantee of funding availability for any case.

What is the Turnaround Time For Reimbursement?

Reimbursement will be provided, on a funds available basis, 30 days from confirmation of receipt of the application.

What Animals Are Eligible For Services?

Stray or abandoned (unowned) companion animals which have been injured, abused, or neglected and are in need of significant medical care are eligible for the program. Companion animals are defined as those that are kept for enjoyment and companionship as opposed to those used in livestock production and laboratory research.