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Smiling Pet Winners

Congratulations to Kip the border collie and Colorful the greyhound - they are the winner and runner up respectively of PVF's Smiling Pet Contest!

Kip, from Lancaster, is 2-years-old and likes to goof off with his 4-year-old human brother. He's silly, loving, and has a fettish for tennis balls. When not playing (or smiling), Kip is also good at herding sheep.

Colorful, from Philadelphia, is an 8-year-old retired racing greyhound. She loves to play in the snow, bark at cats and squirrels, and play with stuffed animals. Colorful has have helped many greyhounds transition from life on the racetrack to living in a home, as they foster retired racers for Make Peace With Animals, a greyhound adoption group.


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